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Losing teeth is no fun. Not only will it distort your appearance but it might also cause a lot of health problems along the way. The ideal scenario is where you never lose any teeth, but that’s by far the best example of wishful thinking we could have come up with. In reality, over 92% of the American population will lose one or more teeth until the age of 65. After that, the situation grows worse. This is why we, at Airport Center Family Dental, had to come up with a solution.

The bridges in Inglewood are one of the best options in the matter and one that keeps growing in popularity as time passes. But for a better understanding of the concept, here are some fast facts about bridges, explaining what they are and how they function:

  • Bridges are used to cover the gap caused by one or more missing teeth
  • They consist of two or more crowns meant to cover the remaining side teeth, and one or more false teeth, intend to cover the gap
  • Support teeth are called abutment teeth, while the false ones are called pontics
  • The false teeth can be made from porcelain, gold or alloys
  • Bridges can sometimes be mixed with implants, provided that the patient doesn’t have any remaining teeth to be used as support
  • There are mainly three types of bridges: traditional, Cantilever, and Maryland bonded bridges, which vary concerning the positioning and the number of natural teeth the patient has left

In many cases, bridges in Inglewood may be the patients’ last chance of restoring their ability to smile, speak normally again, eat and feel better about themselves. The fact that they can also be used in tandem with implants is another major plus.

What are the benefits of dental bridges?

Losing teeth means exposing yourself to a wide range of problems, including related to health and social functioning. The ideal is not losing any tooth, with bridges being among the best options when the ideal fails. The most important benefits include:

  • Prevent the other teeth from shifting – It is not uncommon for teeth to reposition themselves when a tooth is missing, causing misalignment, toothaches, and headaches at times.
  • Improve speech – Depending on which tooth you’re missing; the results can include speech impediment, as well as the embarrassment because of it
  • Better digestion – Not being able to chew food properly means not being able to digest it as needed.
  • Keeping you young and good-looking – Missing teeth will always change the structure of your face, as your facial muscles will fall inwards, trying to fill the gaps

For these reasons, and several others, bridges in Inglewood are probably your best shot at restoring your teeth’s functionality and your self-esteem in the process. At Airport Center Family Dental, however, we are mainly interested in the health effects coming as a result of the procedure, and these cannot be denied. A beautiful smile is a healthy one above everything else.

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