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Did you ever wonder how is it that all movie stars have perfect teeth, seemingly flawless as if they were…designed in a dental cabinet? Because that is precisely the case. If you thought Hollywood figures were the luckiest individuals on the planet for having been born with such exquisite smiles, it might be time to stop envying them. At Airport Center Family Dental, we know there is nothing natural about their teeth.

Veneers in Inglewood – this is the answer in almost all cases. Veneers are probably one of the most appreciated cosmetic procedure, both due to their advantages, durability, and quality in the long run. Everybody wants to have clean, beautiful smiles, but without veneers, that’s rather unlikely.

How are veneers applied?

Veneers are porcelain shells, designed to cover the surface of the teeth and change their appearance completely. Essentially, three stages go into the procedure:

Stage 1: The planning

The dentist will first investigate your dental health to make sure you qualify for the procedure. If you have advanced periodontitis, or even incipient gum disease, or other major dental problems, you might not be a viable client. This is also the moment when you can state your expectations so that the dentist will adapt to your requirements to the letter.

Stage 2: The preparation

At this stage, the dentist will polish your teeth, removing a thin layer of the enamel, so that the veneers will fit perfectly in their place. We are talking about approximately a half of millimeter of enamel being removed. After taking a model of your teeth, the professional will send the order for the veneers in Inglewood, in many cases placing temporary veneers in place, until the new ones will arrive; it usually takes up to one month.

Stage 3: The veneers are placed

Veneers will be cemented over your teeth, with the dentist making all the necessary changes and last-moment adjustments to make sure everything fits just as it should. This final stage doesn’t require anesthesia, compared to the first stage where it might.

The main benefits of veneers

When it comes to choosing a specific cosmetic procedure, veneers are usually the conservative approach, precisely thanks to its many advantages compared to other procedures. These include:

  • Veneers can last up to 15 years or even more in some cases
  • They don’t require special care; the regular flossing and brushing should suffice, along with the regular visits to the dentist, for routine check-ups
  • They have a natural, gorgeous look
  • Are more durable than your teeth and are more stain resistant
  • The procedure is more straightforward, and the results are generally better than with crowns

It is no wonder that increasingly more people resort to veneers in Inglewood nowadays. At Airport Center Family Dental, we consider cosmetic dentistry to be just as important as any other dental intervention. Not only it will make you feel better, but it will also make you look better as well.

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